Tranwall extends card-control services to Apple Watch and Android watches

The payment card-security technology company has announced that its card-control technology has been updated to work with Apple and Android watches.

Now, card users can receive notifications and alerts directly to their watch. Most importantly, users will now have the ability to lock and unlock their card directly from the watch.

The company has also said that the smart watch capabilities extend beyond merely getting updates and locking the cards, giving the user general and specific control. As well as completely disabling the card, users can block specific actions. They can isolate transactions such as transfer of funds, cash withdrawal and foreign use, and block them individually.

Cardholders will be able to use this card control service as soon as their bank or issuer implements the technology into their mobile banking app.

“Our support for the Apple Watch and Android Wear platforms is part of our continuous drive to empower consumers to secure and enable their cards anywhere and at any time,” said Aurelien Duarte, CEO of Tranwall.


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