Uber trials…cash payments?

Just as an article is uploaded reporting on Scandinavian countries striving towards a cashless society, Uber is, for the first time, trialling a cash payment option.The trial will only take place in one Indian city, Hyderabad.

Hyderabad was the only city specifically selected for this experiment because it provides us with the right environment to test a new payment option amongst a sizeable and sophisticated rider and driver community.”

Competitive rates combined with an incredibly simple way of paying propelled Uber to the forefront of the taxi service market.

However, despite its international success, Uber has always struggled to dominate India’s taxi industry. Unlike most other countries, Uber has a fierce rival in India – Ola. The two companies are engaged in a bitter price-war and the Indian company has recently raised $314m in last month’s funding.

Therefore, trialling cash payments is a move by Uber to diversify its service in a bid to appeal to more customers. The American company only operates in 11 cities in India. To put it in perspective, Ola operates in 110. Offering cash as a method of payment could appeal to India’s smaller cities where payment card use is likely to be less than in major cities.

“This is an experiment and a global first for Uber across our 300+ cities. We have worked hard to create a cash payment option that is seamless and truly Uber. We have worked hard to create a cash payment option that is seamless and truly Uber.”

Key features of the trial are quite straight-forward. Naturally you need to have an Uber account in order to book. Fare adjustments will not be available and there won’t be a booking fee. More interestingly, part payments i.e. part cash part Paytm walle payments will not be allowed.

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