Apriva’s new SDK allows app developers to accept NFC and EMV payments

Apriva, the provider of end-to-end wireless transactions, has released a new software development kit (SDK) that will simplify the integration of payment acceptance into POS developers’ mobile apps through its secure gateway.

The SDK is aimed at developers of iOS and Android applications. The kit will allow their apps to support NFC and EMV technology, as well as new payment methods such as Apple Pay, by connecting to Apriva’s secure payment gateway.

The company cited a 2014 Forrester research as a reason for the introduction of the new SDK. The research says payments made via mobiles in the US will increase to $142 billion over the next five years. This acts as the incentive for developers to integrate easy payment acceptance solutions into their applications.

“However, due to constantly changing hardware, software and payment processing options, many struggle to stay ahead of customer needs.”

Apriva says its kit will provide tools for developers “that allow them to connect any hardware and any processor over Apriva’s secure Gateway”.

Once the developers have integrated the SDK and connected to Apriva’s gateway, they will have the ability to email receipts and view transaction history.

“Consumers are showing increased interest in making purchases via their mobile devices leading many businesses to turn to this platform. Unfortunately, accepting payments and integrating them into an application can be a daunting task because of the numerous options that exist,” said Brian Sadowski, chief information officer at Apriva.

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