US sports stadium will accept mobile payments anywhere on its grounds

American Airlines Center, the multi-even arena in Dallas, has deepened its partnership with next-gen hospitality company, Agilysys to include mobile POS systems.

The new system, InfoGenesis Flex is a mobile-point-of-sale solution that will allow stadium staff to accept payments from guests anywhere on the ground.

“InfoGenesis Flex loads our entire POS item database, which enables us to use the solution anywhere throughout the venue. Although we primarily plan to use the system for in-seat service on our premium levels, it adapts well to almost any type of situation, so that we can deploy it in our concession areas when needed. It’s the next step in the advancement of customer engagement, allowing us to speed food and beverage delivery and enhance the guest experience.” said Joe Heinlein, IT director at American Airlines Center

The stadium has already used InfoGenesis POS in the past, and it’s the foundation for the new system, InfoGenesis Flex.

American Airlines Center says the new system will lead to “higher order volumes and increased revenue per serve,” because everyone can be more attentive to the needs of guests.

The new system will also allow for more mobility. Senior staff will have access to InfoGenesis tools on-the-go meaning they can respond to events much faster.

The system will support new payment technology such as Apple Pay and NFC

“The system will enable American Airlines Center to streamline food and beverage delivery, even in the most challenging situations,” said Jim Walker, vice president of sales at Agilysys.


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