Maksekeskus and Paytrail aim to expand together

Maksekeskus, an Estonia based payment solution company, has entered into a new partnership with Paytrail, a move which will provide Finnish merchants with greater online payment methods in the Baltic states.

The partnership certainly makes sense for both firms, as they share the ideal that transactions can be made through one company and one contract. As they operate in different regions, there is chance of a territorial conflict.

E-commerce firm Paytrail, who have been operating in Finland since 2007 and have over 10,000 online shops and payment services as members, aim to branch out to countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

‘‘It’s a pleasure to work together with the leading online payment service provider of the Baltic states. We believe that with this co-operation, we will get to offer Finnish payment methods to a large group of Baltic online stores,’’ said Markus Laurio, CEO of Paytrail.

Payment solution company Maksekeskus also aims to benefit from this new partnership. The firm allow merchants in the Baltic states to sell their products abroad quickly and easily, activiating up to 20 different payment methods in order to establish themselves abroad.

‘‘We are pleased to have Paytrail as a local partner in Finland. The cooperation with Paytrail enables our 900+ merchants from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to seamlessly collect payments from Finnish consumers online and benefit from the continuing growth of e-commerce in Finland,’’ said Mihkel Karu, CEO and chairman of Maksekeksus.

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