Ally Bank has created a virtual assistant to help you make payments

Ally Bank has announced the creation of Ally Assist, a virtual assistant that responds to customer inquiries to help customers make the payment process more efficient.

The Philadelphia-based online bank has integrated Ally Assist into its mobile banking app, which is available for iOS devices.

Ally Assist also has the ability to analyse customers’ accounts and transactions to present context-aware topics and messages to customers.

‘‘As consumers rapidly adapt to the mobile environment, they are also becoming more familiar with voice-assisted applications… We are introducing Ally Assist to enable customers to further customize how they manage their Ally accounts in an intuitive, convenient and easy-to-use manner,’’ said Diane Morais, president and chief executive officer of Ally Bank.

Interacting with Ally Assist via speech or by text, the user can instruct the virtual assistnat to take part in a number of tasks, including initiating transfers or bill payments and the ability to obtain information on interest earned and saving/spending patterns.

‘‘Ally Assist will give our customers a deeper awareness of their bank account activity in a unique and insightful manner, ultimately allowing more control in managing their money right at their fingertips,’’ continued Morais.

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