SumUp releases new SDK and API for iOS and Android developers

The European mPOS company announced today the launch of several software development kits and a number of APIs (application programme interface) for iOS and Android developers. These will allow third-parties to connect with SumUp’s end-to-end payment platform and card terminals.

SumUp’s mPOS technology covers all current payment methods including chip-and-PIN, iOS and Android apps. The platform is also a fully certified EMV processing technology.

The company says that by connecting to its platform, developers will be able to offer “seamless” integrated payment service on their apps without having to be certified with acquirers or card schemes.

According to SumUp, integration into the app will take several hours and that the solution accepts the major card associations including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The company also says that any future methods of payment it chooses to support will be integrated automatically.

“The launch of our open payments platform represents a major milestone for us. Our mission is nothing less than to empower the world to accept card payments. We have now taken a huge step towards this mission by opening our end-to-end payment platform to any third party that is seeking to connect their app to the most powerful payment platform and card terminals in the world,“ commented Daniel Klein, CEO of SumUp.

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