Danske Bank’s app integrates PowaTag technology

Denmark continues its push to become a cashless society as Danske Bank upgrades MobilePay, its mobile banking app, with PowaTag technology. Over 2 million people use MobilePay, the bank’s free application that allows p2p money transfers and mobile purchases, in-store and online.

By integrating PowaTag, Danske Bank users will be able to make instant purchases anywhere in the world from more than 1200 companies including L’Oreal and Best Western. The company says users will skip the long-winded payment processes and instead can buy from their favourite brands across the world with just two taps.

Powa says this will be particularly appropriate for Danish people, who are the world’s fourth most-travelled people. This globe-trotting mindset extends to their shopping habits as well since 39 per cent of Danes bought from overseas websites in the past year. The UK was the most popular location.

“The Danish people are incredibly switched on to the huge potential of mobile payments, as demonstrated by the fact that two out of three smart phone users now use our solution. With PowaTag we can over time take MobilePay to the next level with a new set of services. The speed and convenience of PowaTag make it an ideal fit with the services that have made MobilePay so popular,” said Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of the MobilePay division in Danske Bank.

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