Credit Suisse appoints a new digital leader

Credit Suisse, a Switzerland-based financial services group, has announced the rehiring of Cameron Lester, who is due to play a huge role within the company’s online banking division.

Lester joins Credit Suisse from Azure Capital Partners, where he was a founding general partner. Throughout the course of his 20-year career, Mr. Lester has provided strategic and investment advice to numerous leading private and public technology companies.

Lester will now serve as head of Global Internet Investment Banking, within the technology arm of Credit Suisse.

‘‘Credit Suisse has a phenomenal platform to provide advice and finance for technology and Internet clients. I am excited to join my former and new colleagues, to serve the needs of entrepreneurs and investors who are transforming our society with innovative and disruptive businesses,’’ commented Cameron Lester, new head of Global Internet Investment Banking at Credit Suisse.

This is not the first time that Lester has worked for Credit Suisse. The venture capitalist served as head of Software Investment Banking for the firm, from 1998 to 2000.

David Wah, global co-head of the technology, media and telecom group recognised the importance of Lester’s appointment and the role that internet banking plays within the firm:

‘‘The Internet banking business has been key to the success of Credit Suisse’s Technology Group over the past two decades. The emergence of the Internet, and the connectivity it provides, has fundamentally changed virtually all aspects of our lives – commerce, lifestyle, entertainment and health and fitness, to name just a few.’’

Lester follows in the footsteps of Imran Khan, who is remembered at Credit Suisse for the role he played during Alibaba’s IPO, which became the largest public offering in history, raising $25bn. Khan actually left Credit Suisse at the end of last year, as he became the first chief strategy officer for messaging app Snapchat, which is worth a reported $10bn.

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