TSYS and Pax Technology release semi-integrated EMV solution

TSYS, the US credit card processor, has collaborated with payment solutions company, Pax Technology, to produce a new semi-integrated solution that could streamline the EMV certification process.

The TSYS-cetrtified solution uses a single-integration approach that will work with TSYS Guardian Encryption and TSYS Guardian Tokenization. This will offer VARs and ISVs a more secure way of accepting payments, including Apple Pay and NFC methods.

“Making the switch to accept EMV transactions can be a confusing and daunting process, which is why it is important to us to offer our clients a simplified approach,” said Craig Ludwig, head of product for TSYS Merchant Services segment.

The solution connects with POS devices thereby bypassing the lengthy process of EMV certification. TSYS says this expedited approach allows VARs and ISVs to comfortably meet the EMV  1st October liability shift deadline.

“Our semi-integrated, secure payment technology can be seamlessly integrated into line-of-business applications, providing enormous value to merchants, VARs and ISVs. Merchants, regardless of size, can now process payments securely using TSYS Guardian Encryption, TSYS Guardian Tokenization and EMV. This will also enable them to support NFC payment methods such as Apple Pay, allowing them to take advantage of this easy, secure and private way to pay,”  said Andy Chau, chief executive officer and president of PAX Technology, Inc.

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