NASA Federal members can now use Apple Pay

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Apple Pay is blasting off into space with NASA Federal Credit Union. Now the financial institution’s members can use Apple’s proximity payment service.

Apple Pay doesn’t actually store users’ card details on the device. Instead, the user is given a Device Account Number, which is stored in the secure element on the device. Every new transaction has its own individual security code rather than using the security code on the card.

NASA’s adoption of Apple Pay is the latest escalation in the mobile cold war between Apple and Google. As NASA adopts Apple Pay, the Navy Federal Credit Union adopts Android Pay. Furthermore, their annual software conferences are only two weeks apart. Google went first yesterday and unveiled Android Pay, its Apple Pay riposte. Apple’s WWDC event will take place in San Francisco over three days, 8th-12th June.

“As always, our goal at NASA Federal Credit Union is to deliver innovative financial products and services, like Apple Pay, that empower people to achieve a brighter financial future. We are excited to offer this service to our many iPhone 6 users, as we know they are also excited to use it on their phones,” stated Karen Friel, Vice President of Operations at NASA Federal Credit Union. “

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