US ticket app wants to capitalise on UK’s growing mobile commerce

TodayTix, a popular US app that allows people to browse and purchase last-minute tickets, has expanded its business into London’s West End.

The app offers tickets for performances that will take in the next seven days. Tickets may be at a discount and are even sold as late as an hour before the show.

The app launched in 2013 in New York and says it now sells a ticket every minute to its 425,000 registered users.

The company has been described accurately as the Uber and AirBnB of tickets because it cut out the middleman and connects users directly to the theatre.

The company says its strategy is to disrupt the traditional theatre market and also to capitalise on the UK’s rapidly growing mobile commerce market.

TodayTix says the worldwide theatre industry is worth around $50 billion and that acts as an incentive to build upon its two current locations. After all, when one considers that Broadway is only worth $1.27 billion of that, it makes sense to disrupt globally.

The company says that an incredible 30 per cent of West End tickets go unsold. The co-founders said they wanted to sell those tickets by “adding mobile technology and adapting to consumers’ last-minute buying habits”.

“UK mobile commerce revenue is expected to grow by over 70% in 2015, and it is thrilling to be a part of that,” said Merrit Baer and Brian M. Fenty, co-founders of TodayTix.

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