Acquirers integrating PAY.ON merchant gateway to extend payment services  

PAY.ON ImagePAY.ON, a leading provider of white label payment gateway solutions, has responded to the shifting payments landscape and the unique challenges facing the acquiring industry with a modular merchant gateway solution based on their open API payment technology.

A growing number of acquirers are rethinking their traditional business models and looking to become a “one stop shop” payment solution, in some cases by boarding merchants directly and incorporating alternative payment methods alongside traditional card processing.

According to Steve Warner, PAY.ON’s Senior Vice President of Sales: “Merchants want simple integration processes, and security in their transaction processing. Acquirers who integrate our merchant gateway can become comprehensive online payment solution providers, resulting in reduced merchant attrition as well as attracting new business”.

PAY.ON has tailored its merchant gateway solution to specifically address the needs of acquirers looking for automated merchant onboarding, support for alternative payment methods and scalable state-of-the-art technology. PAY.ON’s Open Payment Platform is at the core of their acquirer merchant gateway.

Highlighting the white label aspect of the PAY.ON solution, Warner continued: “Acquirers are able to brand our merchant gateway as their own, so they gain the ability to extend payment services and directly board merchants without incurring substantial technical development costs.”

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