ING brings contactless payments to the Netherlands

ING is set to become the first bank in the Netherlands to provide contactless payment services, as its mobile payments app will be released nationwide this summer.

The mobile app is currently being tested by ING employees, using NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled Android smartphones.

A release date for the service has not yet been announced; however ING customers who use an Android phone running on KitKat 4.4 should expect to see the app sometime this summer.

ING will become the first bank in the nation to use HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology. Security will be a priority for the banking firm, as each transaction made via the app will be assigned a single number that cannot be breached by an intruder. Purchases of under €25 will not require a pin code.

The Netherlands will soon experience a number of different companies offering contactless payments. Soon after ING releases its payment app, Google will release Android Pay in the autumn.

It may take a while for Dutch consumers to warm up to ING’s new service. Research undertaken in March shows that 44 per cent of shoppers were not interested in making mobile payments.

A similar study was taken in August 2014 that showed 41 per cent of people were unmoved by NFC technology. Only 31 per cent of the Dutch population want to make contactless payments.

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