Zipline leverages Rackspace to improve money transfers

Rackspace, a cloud solutions firm, has confirmed that Zipline Labs is leveraging its cloud and DevOps Automation Service in order to improve its money transfer application.

Zipline is a smartphone app that uses a messaging platform to connect directly to users’ bank accounts, making it easier for consumers to transfer money to each other. Released in May, Zipline is already looking to improve on its app by leveraging Rackspace’s technology.

Rackspace DevOps Automation Service will enable Zipline to achieve faster innovation and improve development quality, so the firm can continue to grow its user base without compromising on modernising its technology .

‘‘Rackspace DevOps Automation Service allows us to achieve the depth of scale needed for our application to perform quickly and consistently, and the breadth of scale needed for our application to maintain uptime as it grows exponentially,’’ commented Kirk Bowman, founder of Zipline Labs.

Technological innovation within the mobile payments industry looks to excel this year, with the International Data Corporation predicting in a report that ‘‘there will be greater convergence of mobile payment solutions with cloud, data analytics and social technologies, generating new business value proposition and unique industry-specific use cases for businesses and merchants.’’

If you want to find out more about this partnership, check out the video below.

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