Fiserv takes whole EMV card production in-house

Fiserv has increased its card production facilities to include milling and embedding, which will allow the company to complete the entire EMV card production process in-house.

By adding milling and embedding technologies to its repertoire, Fiserv will now be able to provide EMV capabilities such as card personalisation, real-time payments and transaction processing.

Card milling and embedding are crucial processes in the creation of an EMV card. For the EMV chip to be embedded into the card, first it is necessary to have a cavity milled into the card’s body, which will hold the chip.

This procedure takes several steps that include plastic manufacturing, embedding, testing and initialisation.

Fiserv that by taking the whole production process in-house it will streamline the whole migration process to EMVs for clients.  The company says its clients will now be able to benefit from “faster and more responsive solutions for procuring chip cards”.

“Adding milling and embedding capabilities to our already sophisticated facilities is a strategic move that enables Fiserv to deliver a one-stop-shop EMV solution. This is an important consideration for our clients as they prepare for the October 2015 liability shift deadline” said Jorge Diaz, president, Output Solutions, Fiserv.

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