Who actually uses a smartwatch? (Infographic)

Smartwatches have become the ‘next big thing’ within the payments industry, but how many have been sold, and more importantly, who exactly is wearing them?

The NPD Group has released an infographic detailing how many smartwatches have been sold, and which global regions contain the most smartwatch users.

Wearable devices are proving very popular at present, creating fierce competition between technology firms. The competition heated up on 24th April when the Apple Watch was released. Integrated with Apple Pay, the wearable device is capable of making contactless payments.

According to Eddie Hold, vice president of connected intelligence at NPD, the United States will be the hardest market to crack if smartwatches prove to be successful in the near future. Over 50 per cent of Americans currently do not wear a watch at all, with Hold stating that ‘‘The smartwatch still has to create a defined use case.’’

Since the release of the Apple Watch, competitors such as Samsung and Swatch are set to release smartwatches that are capable of making mobile payments.


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