SEQR payment app launches in the UK

Seamless’ SEQR, the QR payment solution, is continuing its global roll out by launching in the UK today and will have a pre-paid account feature.

SEQR (pronounced ‘secure’) is one of Seamless’ major product lines. SEQR allows smartphone users to pay in-store and other brick and mortar places through one mobile app. The user uses the SEQR app to scan or tap a QR code/NFC at check-out and authorises the transaction by inputting a PIN code.

The app also allows users to transfer money at no charge, as well connect loyalty programs and receive rewards and promotions.

SEQR’s intensive roll out has seen the service expand across Europe in the spring, the US several weeks ago and the UK today.

“Launching SEQR in the US and the UK has been a top priority for us at Seamless. By offering a smart, adaptable mobile payment service, we’ve been able to attract some of the biggest operators in the market,” said Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless.

Seamless has been working with mobile payments and services company Optimal Payments to prepare for the launch. The latter helped lay down the technical foundations that were required.

The UK will be the first country in which SEQR will be able to offer a pre-paid account to process payments. Users will be able to use the SEQR app to manage their pre-paid account, transfer money from a bank account and monitor real-time balance.

“There’s been an extremely positive reception to SEQR from both technical suppliers and merchants. One of the benefits compared with other solutions is the low cost, easy integration with existing checkout systems,” said Gareth Gillatt, UK country manager for SEQR UK.

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