Switzerland gets its first banking app for Apple Watch

Swissquote has become the first bank in Switzerland to create a mobile banking and trading application for the Apple Watch.

On the 25th June, the banking corporation confirmed that it has created an extension of its iOS mobile banking application, an extension that is exclusive to Apple Watch users.

The wearable device is set to be released in Switzerland and a variety of other nations, including Italy, Spain and Mexico on the 26th June.

The application will allow users to remain connected to the world’s financial news, with the watch alerting Swiss users on a range of changes happening within the market, including currency changes, equities, funds, options and futures. A number of British banks, including Nationwide, have created applications for the Apple Watch.

‘‘The Apple Watch App continues our tradition to be the first in using the latest technology to facilitate banking and making formerly exclusive market information available to the common user,’’ commented Mark Burki, chief executive of Swissquote.


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