Merchants can now accept bitcoin on Computop Paygate

Computop, a payment service provider, has entered into a partnership with Bitnet, a bitcoin payments processor, which will allow merchants to offer bitcoin as a payment method to customers.

In recent times, most notably since the turn of the year, the crypto-currency has succeeding in shedding most of the negative ideas associated with it. That was due to many of the currency’s advocates actively trying to show how the bitcoin is not anonymous and secretive, but rather transparent.

This partnership is also seeking to elucidate the positive features of the currency, with Computop explaining that the computing power from a global network of users is leveraged to authenticate transactions and record them in a distributed and publicly available ledger known as the blockchain”, which in turn makes the currency transparent.

The partnership will mean merchants can now benefit from low fees and no chargebacks. The merchants will be funded by Bitnet in their preferred currency.

“We recognize that the bitcoin ecosystem is growing throughout the world and are excited to be the first European PSP to partner with Bitnet to enable merchants to accept payments in bitcoin. Through this partnership, retailers don’t have to worry about the management of this evolving payment method,” said Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop.

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