New Zealand mobile wallet now works on public transport

Users of  Semble, a New Zealand contactless mobile wallet, will now be able to use it to pay for public transport after the company partnered up with prepaid transit card provider, Snapper.

Although originally created in 2012, Semble rebranded in October 2014, before launching the mobile wallet in March of this year to nearly 1 million New Zealanders.

It is jointly owned and operated by TSM NZ Limited, a collaboration between Paymark, 2degrees,Spark and Vodafone.

“With so many more Kiwis using public transport on a day to day basis, it is a real win for us to extend the offering of the Semble mobile wallet to now also include public transport, just three months after launching with payments,” said Semble CEO Rob Ellis.

The partnership will work with Semble hosting a digital version of Snapper’s prepaid transit card in its app and users will be able to pay for transport wherever there is the Snapper sign. There are around 20,000 people currently using Snapper in approximately 2,000 locations.

Available initially on eligible Android devices, Semble estimates that over 50,000 people in central Wellington are able to Snapper on Semble from this week.

“We want to provide our public transport users with the easiest way to pay for their trip and we think the smartphone is that way. Customers can now pay for their trip, top up and buy passes, all directly from their phone,” said Snapper’s CEO Miki Szikszai.

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