Zapper works with Revel Systems to launch mobile payments in restaurants

Zapper, the mobile payments company, has partnered with Revel Systems, the iPad Point of Sale (POS) platform to expand its services to include mobile payments in restaurants.

Restaurants that use Revel’s POS can now activate Zapper as an alternative payment option for their customers.

If customers choose to pay with their smartphones they will be able to scan the QR code that will be printed on their bill and pay from the Zapper app.

On the merchant side, Zapper will track payments and analyse the customer data, and then provide the restaurants with the opportunity to see who their loyal customers are and create targeted promotions and offers.

The partnership will see Revel’s iPad POS will provide restaurants with services such as real-time reporting, inventory tracking, integrated payroll, delivery management, customer relationship management, loyalty programs, digital menu boards, mobile payments, online ordering and gift cards.

“Zapper was designed to build community, drive increased restaurant revenue, and provide a superior customer experience, and this partnership will help more restaurants experience that,” said Jim Hite, Zapper chief revenue officer.

The partnership is another early indicator that the FinTech technology is now started to expand to and permeate into restaurant and entertainment industries.

Last month TabbedOut a Texas-based mobile payments company that focuses on the bar and restaurant industry, raised $21.5m in Series C funding.

The recent Copa America tournament in Chile saw MasterCard roll out a digital payment app that allowed people to pay for food, drinks and gifts in stadiums without having to queue.

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