American Express launches express online checkout service

The service, called Amex Express Checkout, allows American Express card users to quickly make purchases online with only their User ID and Password.

By typing in their online ID password American Express automatically fills in all the card information and relevant account information.

Unlike other online payments tools currently in the marketplace, Amex Express Checkout is not a wallet, and does not require a Card Member to create or manage a new account.

The service is already live in the US with major retailers such as Burberry, Ticketmaster and The Wall Street Journal already signed up as participating online merchants.

American Express has also announced a new strategic partnership with Stripe to ensure the express checkout service gains traction from the outset.

With Amex Express Checkout, a Card Member’s account information is transferred to the merchant through a token allowing for safer transactions than traditional online checkout. And because American Express auto-fills account information in real-time for every online transaction via Amex Express Checkout, both Card Members and merchants are assured that the Card number and billing details provided are current – eliminating the need to manually update those details, as may be required with an online wallet.

“We know our Card Members and merchants want a simple, fast checkout process to make online shopping easy and delightful,” said Leslie Berland, executive vice president, Digital Partnerships & Development at American Express.

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