Synaptics rolls out new fingerprint verification technology

Synaptics, the human interface solutions company, has revealed its new technology, Match-in-Sensor™ fingerprint authentication – a fully hardware encapsulated fingerprint sensor and matching solution.

The technology works by isolating fingerprint image enrollment, pattern storage and biometric matching within the fingerprint sensor to protect against on-device threats.

The solution includes a System on Chip (SoC) architecture in which a single device performs both input/output functions with an in-sensor microprocessor executing firmware.

The host system is completely separated from the security sensitive functions, which are performed compeltley inside the System on Chip.

Password authentication has always frustrated the consumers, now more so than ever due to the rise in innovative authentication technology such as biometrics.

“The entire mobile payments ecosystem, driven by rapid adoption of fingerprint authentication technology, is increasingly concerned about reducing security risks and eliminating threats of attack,” said Ritu Favre, senior vice president and general manager, Biometric Products Division (BPD), Synaptics.

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