Danish Bitcoin exchange releases cryptocurrency debit card

CCEDK, Denmark’s official Bitcoin exchange, has released NanoCard, a debit card that allows its users to store and spend bitcoin internationally.

The card will be made available to CCEDK members on the 13th July, with customers gaining the ability to store both Bitcoin and USD within their NanoCard account. A number of balance types can be displayed when using the card, including USD, GPB and EUR.

‘‘After some hard negotiations, we have made agreement with Bit-x for a partnership with no limitations, and as a result we are really proud after only one year in the industry to have the opportunity to offer an impressive project like this, the crypto currency community`s perhaps first true crypto debit card,’’ said Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK.

Users do not have to verify their identity to use the debit card. Although this may raise some security concerns, CCEDK has partnered with Blockchain software developer Cryptonomex to provide security measures against Bitcoin trading.

‘‘We have combined the strengths of digital currencies pioneered by bitcoin with the universal acceptance of major credit cards. It’s the combination of technologies that makes the NanoCard so powerful,’’ continued Boesing.

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