Barclays will support Apple Pay after all

barclays logo and branding on a building at night

Last week Barclays announced a new partnership with Zapp, a payments provider as it pushed to shore up support for its own payment services: Pingit and the bPay, the new range of wearable payment devices.

It was shoring up support and users because, as leaked documents revealed, Apple Pay was going to be launched today and Barclays was the only major high street bank that decided not to support it and therefore wanted to be ready to take on Apple’s payment service.

However, it appears the bank has performed a major u-turn by announcing via Twitter that it will after all support Apple Pay.

The bank has not revealed any particular dates, but at least it will appease its customers knowing that they will be able to use Apple Pay after all.

Interestingly, HSBC, despite being one of the first to sign up and being set to participate as late as Monday evening, now says it is not quite ready and that it will actually run the service from 24th July.

A HSBC spokeswoman denied the delay was a punishment for the bank’s leak over the weekend  that seemed to confirm the 14th July launch date.

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