TfL tells users to ensure their battery is charged or face fines

Transport for London (TfL) has warned people who use Apple Pay on tube, trains and buses to make sure their phone has enough battery to begin and complete the journey; otherwise they could face penalty fares and be stuck at gates.

The TfL website says:

“Your iPhone or Apple Watch must be switched on to use it to travel. You should also check that you have enough battery on your iPhone or Apple Watch to complete your journey. If you don’t and:

  • It runs out of battery in the middle of a rail journey, you will not be able to touch out at the end and could be charged a maximum fare
  • If an inspector asks you to touch your iPhone or Apple Watch on their reader, it will not be able to be read and you could be liable for a penalty fare.”

TfL also warns public transport users to watch out not only for card clash, but also for Apple clash, whereby users who have Apple Pay on both the iPhone and Apple watch could be charged twice.

Some people have already tweeted their issues:

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