Micropross releases new test equipment for smart contactless cards

Micropross, the supplier of test equipment for the smart card, RFID and NFC industries, has released new equipment that tests contactless smartcards and NFC devices according to the brand new ISO 10373-6:2015 standard.

The latest version of the ISO 10373-6 standard brings for example:

– specific test methods for alternative form factors to the traditional smartcard

– EMD (Electro Magnetic Disturbance) characterization

– test of the VHBR technology (Very High Baud Rate). This is a technology allowing transmission of data 8 times faster than traditional smartcards, and 16 times faster than NFC phones.

This new test suite is using the MP500 TCL3 contactless tester, and the MPManager 3 test platform. The test suite is driving all components of the test setup in order to generate the standardized test conditions, and perform the measurement at the right moment. A clear pass or fail verdict is given to the user, as well as all necessary debug information.

Micropross has worked on those subjects for several years, as shown by the contribution made at an ISO WG8 meeting in Japan with Infineon in September 2010, where it demonstrated a prototype of VHBR compatible tester.

The MP500 TCL3 is also able to perform EMVCo L1, NFC Forum and all ISO defined test cases, from both an analog and digital point of view, acting as a card or terminal emulator.

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