HomeSend and Azimo launch new mobile wallet in Africa and Asia-Pacific

HomeSend, a joint venture created by MasterCardeServGlobal and BICS that enables B2B cross-border transfers, has teamed up with Azimo  to launch of new mobile wallet services in ten countries throughout Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Azimo customers in 20 European countries are now be able to send funds to mobile money accounts of loved ones in Armenia, Burkina Faso, Fiji, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, the Philippines and Somaliland.

Through HomeSend, Azimo customers will be able to send money directly in real-time to a recipient’s mobile money account linked to their mobile number rather than having to send funds via an over-the-counter agent or directly to a bank account.

“We’ve seen an increased desire for people to be able to safely send funds via mobile money accounts. This form of money transfer has gained particular popularity due to its convenience, security, competitive pricing and near-instant delivery times,” said Stephen Doyle, CEO of HomeSend.

The World Bank estimates that global remittance market will continue to grow this year to a projected total of $586 billion, underscoring the demand for people to have access to safe and secure ways to send and receive funds.

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