Mozido set for African expansion with NettCash integration

Mozido, a Texas-based digital commerce and payment solutions company, is set to expand into Zimbabwe by offering up its NettCash mobile solutions platform.

Mozido’s NettCash platform specialises in providing consumers with an easy way to pay for their electricity and utility bills, a useful service for many people in third world countries.

Mozido will extend its NettCash service to African customers by integrating its Mobile Transaction Platform service into NettCash’s mobile solution.

The payments solution firm hope to launch Zimbabwe’s first mobile wallet that includes prepaid utility services. The wallet will include mobile bill pay, stored value account, and person-to-person payment services.

‘‘Mozido’s global strategy is to identify opportunities where mobile financial services, that are designed to be inclusive and easily accessible, can solve important problems for the region – no matter the user’s banking status or physical location,” said Michael Liberty, founder of Mozido.

Mozido’s NettCash mobile prepaid utility service has the potential to reach tens of millions of citizens who previously were faced with the challenge of traveling many miles to pay their electricity bill.

‘‘We saw an opportunity to fulfill an important need in Zimbabwe, and Mozido’s NettCash mobile prepaid utility service has made it possible for hundreds of thousands of families to simply top up their electricity meters whenever they need, instantly from their mobile phones,’’ continued Liberty.

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