Worldline and Comdirect extend partnership for credit card processing

Worldline, the payment and transactional services provider, will continue to manage Comdirect’s credit card processing for a further seven years.

The renewed processing contract between Worldline and Comdirect covers technical processing as well as manual services – such as Card Stop and chargeback services.

In addition to continuing these services, the contract will also cover introduction of future-oriented solutions for Comdirect bank’s customers, such as contactless payments services. Comdirect customers already benefit from an SMS alert service that immediately notifies them in case of suspect sales inquiries, thereby providing increased control over payment transactions.

Additionally, Comdirect customers can select and change their PIN code at any time with the ‘Self-Selected PIN’ service.

“In Worldline, we found a reliable and innovative partner who has backed us over many years, and we continue to place our faith in Worldline for the future,” said Kirsten Albers, comdirect Director of Banking.

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