15% of Britain’s millennials do not buy into e-commerce

Millennials may not be as mobile-savvy as we had previously thought. A recent YouGov poll revealed that 15 per cent of Britain’s 18-34 year-olds who own a smartphone admit to having never used their smartphones for anything shopping related.

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The YouGov online research commissioned by ecommerce agency Ampersand also found that more than a third (34 per cent) of millennials find it difficult to type/ enter information on a small screen.

When shopping, Millennials are put off using their mobiles for a variety of reasons, including:

· It being difficult to view products properly on a smartphone (36 per cent)
· It being difficult to type or enter information on a smartphone (33 per cent)
· Concerns over data usage or running up a big phone bill (23 per cent)

Darryl Adie, Managing Director of Ampersand, comments: “Many would have expected Millennials to be more engaged with mobile shopping, however it seems even this age group is still put off by the current state of the mobile web.

Adie also goes on to mention some ways in which retailers can make e-commerce more appealing for the millennial user:

“Anecdotally, we hear retailers talk about increased traffic from mobile devices but lower conversion rates. It’s not enough nowadays for a retailer to simply have a mobile optimised website and blame the device for low conversion. Many of the things that put consumers off mobile shopping are easily fixable with minimal development, including making sure retina imagery is displayed, numerical and email specific keyboards are utilised and automatic geo-location is enabled. Retailers who make their mobile websites easier to use are sure to win loyal consumers across all channels.”

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