Flint integrates Apple technology into payments app

Flint Mobile, a smartphone application that allows SMEs and freelancers to get paid digitally, has updated its application by leveraging Apple’s Passbook technology.

Flint is part of Apple’s mobility programme, meaning that the firm can leverage Apple’s mobile technology to increase its customer base.

Upgrades to the application include the ability to receive receipts and coupons via SMS; a feature which is synonymous with Passbook, Apple’s digital wallet.

The application update allows Flint’s iPhone customers to produce repeat business by simplifying coupon creation, distribution, storage and redemption for iPhone business users and their customers.

Flagship research estimates that over a quarter of all American smartphone holders regularly use Passbook.

Small business owners will now be able to use Flint’s app to create offers and promotions that can be distributed to customers via text message. The app will handle redemption via an embedded QR code reader.

‘‘We developed Flint to serve the millions of service-based small businesses, freelancers and nonprofit volunteers who need a fast, easy and secure way of getting paid quickly with nothing more than their smartphones,’’ explained Greg Goldfarb, co-founder and CEO of Flint.

‘‘Working closely with Apple will enable us to accelerate our efforts to build easy access to Passbook and eventually Apple Wallet as well as to deliver more features that enable our customers to manage their businesses directly from their iOS devices.’’

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