‘Vast majority’ of Americans have yet to receive chip cards, finds AP-GfK Poll

Despite the October 1st liability shift deadline looming, only 10 per cent of Americans have received the new chip-enabled cards, and nearly a third don’t know how to use them.

The survey, conducted by the GfK Public Affairs for Associated Press, found that out of 1004 Americans polled, only one in every ten have received the new cards. Furthermore, out of those people who have received the cards just one-third (35 per cent) say they actually use them as intended on the new card readers.

Moreover, of the people who have received the chip cards, 70 per cent said they know how to use it, meaning nearly a third of people do not understand.

There also appears to be a lack of understanding as for why the US is enforcing the liability shift. Only a quarter of Americans, and over a third of who have received the new cards, have said they understand well or extremely well why the chip cards were being sent out in the first place.

Some respondents received their chip-enabled cards as early as Christmas but haven’t had the chance to use them as no merchants accepted them.

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