Twitter’s Buy button will be powered by Shopify

According to reports, Twitter has entered into a partnership with Shopify to offer its Buy button to a much bigger consumer base.

Shopify has as many as 100,000 merchants in the US that use its software and, according to re/code, a deal with Twitter will allow those businesses to offer their products within actual tweets.

Twitter’s e-commerce interests have most recently been in the spotlight in July when the social network worked with the singer Katy Perry to allow people to buy her new perfume directly from its Twitter account page.

Twitter is the most recent social network to make a concerted effort to enter into the e-commerce arena. Facebook and Pinterest have already made moves into the arena.

Both of them are also actually working with Shopify because since they can’t – or don’t – directly  integrate every business that wants to sell their products on their websites.

It therefore appears as if a partnership with Shopify is an prerequisite for any platform that wants to seriously compete in the e-commerce arena.

Whether they will actually be successful ventures is a whole different story. Consumers may not actually want to purchase products off social media websites. Merchants may not even want to offer their products on these platforms, particularly smaller ones who may not have a very large social media presence.

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