Andreesen Horowitz appoints TrialPay CEO as general partner

Andreesen Horowitz has announced the appointment of Alex Rampell as its new general partner.

Rampell is best known for creating TrialPay, an e-commerce payments firm that boasts Facebook, Zynga, and Gap for clients. In 2015 TrialPay was acquired by Visa.

Before creating TrialPay, Rampell co-founded FraudEliminator, a consumer anti-phishing company that was acquired by security giants McAfee in 2006.

Rampell is also the co-founder of several other FinTech firms, including TXN, a survey and transactional data company; Point, a real estate marketplace; and financial services group Affirm. All three companies have been invested into by Andreesen Horowitz.

Rampell’s relationship with the payments industry is extensive, with the entrepreneur coining the phrase Online to Offline (O2O) in 2010.

As well as co-founding several companies, Rampell has also invested into a number of globally recognised companies, including Pinterest, Bloomreach, SiftScience, Wooga, Hunch, Truaxis, OrderAhead, Twice, and CardSpring. Rampell is set to join Horowitz on October 1st.

‘‘Alex’s knowledge and experience of tech startups is comprehensive and encyclopedic,’’ stated Marc Andreessen, entrepreneur and founder of Andreesen Horowitz.

‘‘His interests and areas of expertise include software, security, crypto, payments, e-commerce, advertising, marketplaces, fintech, and more. His first day will be October 1, and we look forward to working together to help build the next generation of great technology companies.’’

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