Is Android Pay launching this week?

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A leaked company memo has revealed that Android Pay is only days away from launching in the United States; barely three months after Google showcased the technology at its I/O conference.

In May, Google held its annual I/O technology conference in San Francisco, revealing a host of new products, including mobile wallet Android Pay.

The platform will enable merchants to accept credit card payments from inside their mobile apps and can be integrated with loyalty programmes at retailers.

Sundar Pichai, senior vice-president of products confirmed that Android Pay will be coming to merchants around the world, but failed to give a release date, stating that it would be launching sometime this year. A leaked document however, could have just given away Android Pay’s release date.

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A notice to McDonalds staff, originally posted on Android Police, reveals that customers will be able to pay for their meal with Samsung Pay starting on August 21st and Android Pay starting on August 26th. Employees were also given the option of printing ‘important details’ that describe changes to the way staff can accept contactless payments.

The legitimacy of the image has to be called into question, as Samsung Pay has not officially launched in the United States, meaning that a part of the leaked memo is incorrect.

Another leaked image from McDonalds is circulating the internet, with an Android and Samsung Pay Q&A sheet explaining the difference between the two payment methods and Apple Pay. The document also states that Android Pay will be released on the 26th August.

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