Android Pay imminent despite recent hoax, promises Google

With McDonald’s ‘leaked’ company memo regarding the release of Android Pay turning out to be fake, Google took to social media this week to reassure people that its mobile payments service is on its way.

On August 24th Payment Eye reported on the potential release of Android Pay, a mobile wallet developed by parent company Google.

A ‘leaked’ memo from fast food chain McDonalds appeared to shed some light regarding the release of the payment technology. The document stated that Android Pay would be released on August 26th, with Samsung Pay set to be launched on August 21st.

Neither of these events happened, with Samsung stating that its answer to Apple Pay won’t be unveiled until September 28th in the United States.

To reassure its loyal fan base, Google posted an encouraging message on its Twitter page on the 26th, stating that Android Pay is ‘‘coming soon’’.

android pay 2

It’s unclear as to how ‘soon’ it will be before Android Pay gets a release date. It’s also unknown as to whether Google was referring to a global release of its payment technology, or a US-only launch.

This is not the first time that a company announcement has ‘leaked’ onto the internet.

Apple deals with iPhone leaks on what seems like a weekly basis. In 2012, images of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 5 escaped onto the web, sending Apple fans into frenzy, but the images soon turned out to be fake.

A presentation leaked by Reuters reveals that Uber is set to reach $10.8 billion in bookings, suggesting that the taxi firm is set to launch its IPO sometime next year. Uber has so far declined to comment.

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