FEXCO and AsiaPay offering Hong Kong Airlines multi-currency solution

Hong Kong Airlines and AsiaPay are collaborating with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) provider FEXCO to offer MCP to the airline’s customers.

The new system will fully integrate FEXCO’s MCP function with Hong Kong Airlines core operating system and website, offering passengers a more customised and transparent shopping experience.

An international solution

Through FEXCO’s platform, the airline can offer their fares and ancillary products in multiple currencies, with customers selecting their preferred currency to use when searching for prices on the site and complete transactions, without having to convert prices manually.

By combining the expertise of AsiaPay – with its presence in 12 territories in Asia including: Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and Indonesia – with the Irish company FEXCO and its presence in 28 countries worldwide, it is hoped the airline can provide passengers with a truly international payment solution.

Building on existing agreements

AsiaPay has been providing the airline with secure electronic payment processing for online booking since 2011 with its PayDollar payment platform.

Incorporated in 2006, Hong Kong Airlines has held a four-star Skytrax rating since 2011 and covers almost 30 cities in the region, including Beijing, Shanghai, Sanya, Taipei, Sapporo, Bangkok, Bali and Okinawa.

Joseph Chan, CEO of AsiaPay, commented: “We are proud to implement this new real-time currency conversion service to Hong Kong Airlines together with FEXCO. Being leading ePayment service player in Asia, we understand and strive to address the ever-changing consumer needs for more user-friendly, safe and convenient way to pay for online travel services.”

‘Saving valuable time’

“The integration of FEXCO’s MCP technology into the Hong Kong Airline’s system brings significant benefits to both the airline and to the passenger,” said Denis Cleary, managing director of FEXCO DCC.

“The solution delivers a more customised shopping experience for the passenger, simultaneously creating a risk free opportunity to generate increased revenue for the airline. We are delighted to announce this partnership and greatly look forward to working together.” 

Mr. Li Dianchun, commercial director of Hong Kong Airlines, added: “This is a welcome advancement both for our passenger base and indeed for the airline itself.

“Our goal is to continue to innovate so we can better serve our passengers, this partnership delivers them a tailored and transparent payment solution allowing them to better determine value on their purchase, in a currency they’re familiar with – ultimately saving them valuable time.”

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