Samsung Gear S2 release: where is Samsung Pay?

Technology giant Samsung has today released its new wearable device, the Samsung Gear S2. The smartwatch has a number of new features, but does it contain the elusive Samsung Pay?

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It’s been nearly two years since Samsung released its previous smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. JK Shin, CEO and head of Samsung’s IT and Mobile Business states that the Korean firm’s latest release is the culmination of ‘‘many years of progressive innovation in the wearables category.’’

The smartwatch is being made available in two different formats, the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic, with the latter providing users with a more traditional and elegant style, despite containing innovative features, including a 1.2-inch circular screen and its 360 x 360 resolution (302 ppi).

Like most smartwatches, users can also check calendars, e-mails, news and send text messages to smartphones and other smartwatches. Like the Apple Watch, customers who are exercising can keep track of daily patterns and their exercise routine using their device.

Both devices will be featured and officially launched on September 3rd at the Tempodrum in Berlin.

‘‘For the past several years, Samsung has pioneered and advanced the wearables category, bringing brave new concepts to the smart wearables market,” explained Shin.

‘‘The Samsung Gear S2 reflects Samsung’s most progressive innovation. It is the perfect complement for any occasion, easily taking you from day to night, from work to workout—and ensuring that you get more out of every moment in your day, by making it smarter and ultimately more personal and fun.’’

Is Samsung Pay coming?

Shin has played his ambiguity card when it comes to the release of his firm’s mobile payment solution.

Samsung Pay is officially set to launch in the US on September 28th, but as Gear is launching on the 3rd, it’s unclear as to whether the payment platform will be integrated into the new technology.

It was rumoured that Samsung Pay would be coming in August, with a leaked McDonald’s memo revealing that both Android and Samsung Pay will be released in late August. The leaked documents soon turned out to be fake.

According to an official statement, Gear S2 will come with a mobile payments feature, but it’s unclear as to whether it’s Samsung Pay, or a generic programme enabled with Near Field Communication (NFC) software will be embedded within the device.

‘‘For the ultimate convenience, the Samsung Gear S2 comes with NFC technology which will enable mobile payments without the need for a wallet.’’

‘‘Samsung is working with a wide selection of partners across different industries to expand the usability of wearables and streamline consumers’ mobile lives in a variety of ways, including smart car keys, residential room keys, and remote controls to manage a connected home.’’

No further detail has been given about the partners involved or whether the technology is officially Samsung Pay.

Apple has dominated the wearable mobile payment space up till now, but with the emergence of Android Pay and the imminent arrival of Samsung Pay, the mobile payment space is set to become a little crowded.

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