Samsung partners with Gemalto on Samsung Pay’s European launch

The electronics giant is working with digital security company Gemalto to accelerate the deployment of Samsung Pay through the latter’s Allynis Trusted Service Hub (TSH)​.

Samsung recently invited people in the US to trial a beta version of its payment system that’s due to launch late next month and Gemalto and Samsung are actively working with payment issuers to roll out Samsung Pay to Europe.

Samsung will see Gemalto’s  Allynis TSH as a one-stop connection that would provide an accelerated path to launch mobile payment services by integrating streamlined user enrollment, and offering service installation and lifecycle management of payment credentials or tokenization services.

Samsung Pay on the new Galaxy handsets will have an embedded secure element for storing sensitive credentials, whilst the Allynis TSH ensures that payment issuers can benefit from the flexibility for future roadmaps.

We are excited to work with Gemalto as they offer Gemalto’s hub services ​worldwide that offer a secure payment card digitization solution to Samsung Pay,” said Injong Rhee, EVP of Samsung Electronics, global head of B2B Solutions.

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