Royal Mail purchases stake in e-commerce company

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The Royal Mail is moving closer towards the digital world by obtaining a stake in Market Engine Global Pty Limited, an Australian e-commerce company that helps businesses improve their online marketplaces.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Market Engine has established itself as a global e-commerce company, integrating itself into the likes of Tmall Global, one of China’s biggest online retail service firms.

The postal service explained its thinking behind the purchase, stating that the acquisition is just one part of its movement towards digital innovation and building its own e-commerce capability.

‘‘I’m excited to announce our investment in Market Engine,’’ said Nick Landon, managing director of Royal Mail Parcels.

The postage company will now help Market Engine expand its e-commerce services to additional global markets.

‘‘We think we can leverage our scale and expertise to help Market Engine expand and accelerate its entrance into new markets, while identifying opportunities to incorporate its technology solutions within Royal Mail’s existing operations,’’ continued Landon.

E-commerce expansion

The capture of Market Engine follows on from Royal Mail’s recent investment in Mallzee, a personal shopping smartphone application that was first seen by consumers during an episode of the BBC’s Dragons Den television programme.

Another e-commerce acquisition made by Royal Mail this year is the procurement of order management specialists Stockfeeder, who provide ‘smart warehousing’ and courier integration for merchants operating online.

Royal Mail’s acquisitions come at a time when e-commerce spending is at a high in Britain. According to the Royal Mail’s Delivery Matters 2015 report, 81 per cent of online shoppers in the UK use marketplaces, irrespective of gender or age.

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