Major UK restaurant chains to offer MasterCard payment solution

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With more restaurants adopting contactless payment methods to improve their customer’s dining experience, MasterCard has announced that three UK restaurant chains have adopted Qkr!, its mobile payment feature that helps customers pay for their food quickly and conveniently.


Easy way to pay

ASK Italian, Zizzi (both owned by the Azzuri group) and Carluccio’s are the three restaurant chains that have jumped on board MasterCard’s payment application.

The Qkr! with MasterPass application allows restaurant goers the ability to pay for their bill as and when they choose. If eating in a large group, customers can also split their bill using the application.

Qkr! is integrated with MasterCard’s Payment Gateway Services technology, which means that the app is seamlessly connected between the restaurant, consumer and the payment gateway, meaning that customers can pay for their meal safely and securely. Qkr! will be rolled out to ASK, Zizzi and Carluccio’s before the end of 2015.

‘‘With ASK Italian, Zizzi and Carluccio’s all soon to be offering Qkr! with MasterPass, their customers will have greater convenience, simplicity and security when paying their bills,’’ stated Scott Abrahams, group head of acceptance and emerging payments, MasterCard UK and Ireland.

‘‘We are confident that their customers and the restaurants themselves will mirror wagamama’s experience, where both parties really benefit. Customers can enjoy their meal in the time they have and pay when ready and restaurants can turn tables around more quickly and serve more customers.’’


Worldwide adoption

MasterCard is working hard to integrate Qkr! into UK restaurants. In March, MasterCard announced its partnership with Wagamamas to launch Qkr! in the UK, becoming the first restaurant chain to offer the payment solution in the United Kingdom.

Around the world, consumers are asking for technological innovations to appear within restaurants. In July, restaurant reservation service OpenTable released the findings of its ‘Technology and Dining Out’ survey, in which over 6000 American eaters were questioned.

The survey found that 46 per cent of people haven’t used a phone to pay at a restaurant but are open to the idea of doing so, with 85 per cent of respondents stating that they wanted to use technology to add their names to a waitlist before arriving at an eatery.

This demand for technological innovation within restaurants is being felt within the UK, and Doug Wooten, head of IT for the Azzurri Group is delighted that ASK Italian and Zizzi’s are keeping up with the times.

‘‘Our customers are great at giving feedback and we know that they are looking for faster and more convenient ways to pay. By working with MasterCard and implementing Qkr! our restaurant teams can focus on delivering great service to customers and serving our fantastic food.’’

‘‘We know that splitting bills is pain point for our customers and if they choose to pay with Qkr! It offers them a convenient solution, together with paperless receipts on the app for easy reference. This is all within a secure and trusted app that is easy for everyone to use with their card of choice,’’ continued Wooten.

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