WorldRemit hires former Skype expert to lead money transfer revolution

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WorldRemit, a London-based money transfer company, has announced the appointment of Gabriella Poczo as its new Chief Technology Officer, as the firm looks to disrupt traditional methods of sending money across the globe.


Instant messaging payments

Poczo made a name for herself at instant messaging giant Skype, where she oversaw the company’s move into the smartphone sector during her time as director of mobile engineering. She is now one of Silicon Valley’s most respected engineering leads.

Having worked in the mobile technology industry for a number of years, Poczo also served as CTO at messaging service textPlus, Senior Director of Handset Software Development at T-Mobile, USA and as Engineering Director and CTO for Sun Microsystems’ OEM Platforms Group.

Poczo joins a company that claims to enable around 300,000 transactions per month, and is looking to increase its productivity.

‘‘This company is so far ahead of the game in terms of mobile money transfers. While others are still talking about the opportunity, WorldRemit is sending hundreds of thousands transactions to mobile devices across Africa and Asia,’’ stated Poczo, who hopes to integrate more Mobile Money partners, and provide enhanced apps for senders.


‘Driving financial inclusion’

Having worked previously at Skype, Poczo is aware of the competition within the instant messaging/mobile payments market.

‘‘There are a handful of companies that are seen as providing essential services to migrants – Skype is one.  There’s also messaging services like WhatsApp and Viber and now WorldRemit.’’

Ismail Ahmed, founder and CEO of WorldRemit, has welcomed Poczo’s appointment, who feels that her experience will give his company a distinct advantage of the competition.

‘‘Everyone talks about building mobile services, but Gabriella is one of the few people who actually has experience of creating a mobile communications service for a global user-base.’’

‘‘Getting this right isn’t just about creating a slick app for senders. Mobile Money is driving financial inclusion in the developing world and our position as the leading sender of money to these services is transforming lives.’’

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