And the winner is: Samsung hits out at Apple Pay with TV ad (Video)

With Google, Apple and Samsung all fighting to gain superiority within the mobile payments space this autumn, the Korean firm has moved quickly to promote Samsung Pay across the United States. Check out this brand new ad which was shown during last night’s Emmy Awards.


‘Most accepted mobile payment’

Samsung Pay is set to hit smartphones in the US on September 28th. To celebrate the impending launch the tech giants used the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards as a platform to show off the payment application.

With a cover of Julie Andrew’s ‘My favourite Things’ playing in the background, Samsung used the sought after TV advertising slot to emphasise just how many things you can buy with the tap of a smartphone.

The music stops halfway through the ad, as a customer attempts to use Apple Pay, but quickly gets rejected by the cashier.

The ad also shows how many banks have welcomed the payments solution, with the 30 second video featuring Visa, Citi bank and American Express insignia on smartphones as customers pay for various items. Samsung has yet to disclose which of its devices will be compatible with the payment feature.

At the end of the video, Samsung claim that their new feature is ‘‘the most accepted mobile payment,’’ despite only being available in South Korea at present.


Stiff competition

In order to be the most accepted mobile payment, Samsung may have to do more than run a TV ad to catch the attention of consumers, financial institutions and retail stores in the United States.

Apple Pay has been up and running in America since October 20th 2014, and already has a loyal and dedicated user base. Within the first three days of launching, iPhone 6 owners registered more than one million credit or debit cards to the payments service.

On September 11th Google joined the mobile payments party with the US release of Android Pay, which is accepted by over a million stores across the country.

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