Starbucks rolls out mobile order and pay feature across the US

Following a successful trial in a limited number of US cities, the coffee chain is now making its Mobile Order & Pay feature on iOS and Android phones available in 7,400 stores across the US.

The feature was first piloted n Portland in December 2014, before being rolled out in the Pacific North-West region in March 2015. During that time it was only available on iOS.


How does it work?

The mobile app allows customers to select their food and beverages and pay for them in advance of their visit to a Starbucks branch. After tapping ‘Order’, the user selects the store they want to pick up the beverages from. The app also tells users how long they have to wait before everything is ready.

The service is also integrated with Starbucks’ reward scheme meaning users can sign up and earn loyalty points.


Will it be launched in the UK?

The coffee company said that it plans to introduce the feature to select stores in Canada and the UK, but no specific date or timeline was given.

“Bringing Mobile Order and Pay to our customers is about meeting their needs of convenience and customization at any time of the day,” said Adam Brotman, Starbucks chief digital officer.

He went on to point out that this service was the fastest digital rollout the company has ever done, saying it “is indicative of the strength of our digital ecosystem”.

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