E-commerce trends around the world (Infographic)

As the world migrates to digital channels, it’s unsurprising that many companies are scrambling to cater to the new breed of technologically hungry consumers. Snapdeal recently pumped $100m into an e-commerce app, Facebook and Google are going head to head in the e-commerce festival arena, and even Royal Mail is getting in on the act.

These trends and shifts into the world of e-commerce are even more interesting on a macroscopic level.

For example, nearly three-quarters of small businesses in the US do not have an e-commerce presence. In Japan, 97 per cent of internet users shop online.

The UK has its own quirky e-commerce statistic, exactly a third of online sales occur after 6pm, suggesting that at least some of us try and refrain from doing some online shopping during working hours.

The infographic below from Remarkety breaks down the rest of the global e-commerce trends.


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