Android users are calling out for NFC payments

More than three quarters of Android users are open to using their smartphone to pay for items, but just three per cent would consider using Apple Pay, a survey has found.



High global awareness of Apple Pay

Helixion, a contactless payments research group based in Edinburgh, asked 450 Android users from the US, UK Australia, Canada and Italy about their relationship to payment technology.

One of the first questions that Helixion asked was: Are you aware that Apple has launched a mobile payment product called Apple Pay?

Respondents in the United States showed a high awareness (69 per cent), which is predictable as Apple Pay was launched in the country first.

Over half of UK users (65 per cent) also were aware of Apple Pay, followed by Italy (58 per cent), Canada (53 per cent), but less than half of Australian users know what the payment service is.

One thing that is clear however, is the need for an NFC payments system. Google has already launched Android Pay in the United States, but has yet to do so in the other four nations surveyed.



‘Only time will tell’

Helixion asked another question to its participants: would Android users use a service like Apple Pay if it was available?

A huge 78 per cent of global respondents said ‘Yes’, with 83 per cent of Australian consumers agreeing with the statement, but the research group is wary of whether these respondents will actually begin to use a mobile payments platform.

apple pay graph

‘‘Only time will tell how long it will be before those 78% become actual users,’’ stated Helixion.

‘‘One thing is for sure, mobile payment on Android has strong potential. We believe the results reflect that the appetite for mobile contactless payment is linked to contactless payment usage more generally — Australia and Canada are two of the leading countries when it comes to contactless payment.’’

When asked about their preferred mobile payments system, Apple Pay did not fare well. Just three per cent of the survey said they would use Apple Pay, with the majority of respondents calling out to use Android Pay.


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