Canadian Tire gamifies mobile payments app

Canadian Tire Corporation, one of the largest retail brands in North America, has released the Canadian Tire mPay and Play, a new mobile payments application that offers customers easy account servicing and an exclusive rewards system to its MasterCard users.


Rewarding payments

Founded in 1922, the family-led retail business has number of different sectors, including its financial services division.

Available only to MasterCard card holders on iOS and Android devices, the mobile payments application offers customers bonus rewards, exclusive card member offers which fits into its retail division, as well as an updated user interface that allows users to manage their payments effectively.

Other updates on the app include:

  • Protected mobile payment – MasterCard users can pay for all their Canadian Tire store purchases right from the Canadian Tire mPay & Play app. Plus, members can use the app to redeem their e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ rewards on their next Canadian Tire store purchase.
  • Enhanced Security Features – The app was developed with end-to-end encryption and data protection technologies to provide enhanced security when making payments.


‘Unforgettable shopping experience’

The app is currently available for use at all Canadian Tire retail locations across Canada and is available for download from the App Store and on Google Play.

‘‘At Canadian Tire, it is our unrelenting desire to exceed our customers’ expectations with an unforgettable shopping experience,’’ explained Eugene Roman, chief technology officer at Canadian Tire Corporation.

‘‘The Canadian Tire mPay & Play app is the only payment solution in Canada to deliver payment capabilities, gamification features, special offers and rewards to customers, while allowing them to track their banking information and e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ rewards.’’

It’s common practice nowadays to see retail firms create or adopt mobile payment services. Apple Pay can be found in most stores in the United States, including shopping giants Best Buy.

Bitter rivals Walmart are one of the few retail stores that hasn’t integrated Apple Pay, instead teaming up with Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba. It’s financial services division Alipay is using its mobile wallet application within select Walmart stores in China.

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