Creditcall secures EMV certification for POS device

The merchant liability shift that came into force this month has caused a number of EMV firms to apply for certification. New York-based Creditcall becomes the latest payment firm to do so, enabling its merchants to become fully EMV-compliant when making cashless transactions.


Gaining certification

Creditcall gained certification from technology and solutions regulator First Data for its suite of EMV SDKs: ChipDNA for Linux and Windows and the Verifone VX820 PINpad.

This is great news for Creditcall merchants, as they gain protection from the liability shift that came into force on October 1st. The rule change means that merchants will become liable for card-present counterfeit fraud in the United States.

Creditcall joins Visa, MasterCard and American Express in becoming some of the first payment groups to gain EMV certification. On the first day that liability shift came into force, POS firm CardFlight also received approval from First Data for its payment solutions.


‘Solid progress’

Visa estimates that just 301,000 POS terminals out of a potential six million are EMV compatible, with the majority of merchants not expected to have EMV enabled terminals until early 2016.

There will be approximately 166 million EMV credit cards in circulation across the US by the end of the year, emphasising the need for merchants to gain certification.

Jeremy Gumbley, chief technology officer at Creditcall, is delighted that his solutions have become certified.

‘‘Although there’s been solid progress with EMV among tier 1 retailers, its clear tier 2 and 3 merchants have yet to achieve the same level of success. We are excited to work with a growing number of ISVs and VARs that work with these important tiers to bring the benefits of EMV and P2PE to their customers,’’ said Gumbley.

‘‘Creditcall jumped on the certification process early, and with ChipDNA, an already well-proven EMV solution in Europe that supports the most popular PINpads is available to help integrators make the migration to EMV fast, simple and secure.’’

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